Murray Harkin Associates

Murray Harkin is as high-profile as his clients – he has counselled Royalty, celebrities, entrepreneurs and politicians. All have called on his expertise to either place them in the media, or manage stories they’d rather didn’t make the headlines; giving them their life back in the process.

Murray and his team at Murray Harkin Associates required a fitting identity that exuded luxury, discretion and understated elegance, but would still remain approachable. We devised an identity based upon a clean and balanced wordmark supported by luxurious and reassuring tones of British Racing Green, warm greys and white combined with relatable imagery.

Business cards – being an important touchpoint in the sector – were printed using white and silver foils to G.F Smith Colourplan paper stock, creating a card you won’t forget and backs up their brand promise. Further work included the creation of an equally elegant online presence from a WordPress website to branding for their social media pages.

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