App Paye

Paid as you earn

App Paye is the simple and fast solution for any freelancer or contractor. It calculates things like tax deductions and HMRC compliance, while the individual decides when they want paying.

Our brief was to deliver a campaign to win the hearts and minds of freelance workers; builders, decorators, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, factory and oil rig engineers. We agreed humour and cheeky visuals highlighting the key benefits of App Paye were the way to go; intelligently planned across media sites in major cities and hubs including large-format OOH poster and cross-track locations across London underground, Aberdeen Airport (serving the North Sea oil rigs) as well as online and radio.

Nominated for a coveted Aerial Award, our radio advertisement featured the matter of fact and frank voice of a hardened company receptionist (Doon Mackichan) giving arduous directions to the ‘Payroll Department’, before a calming and reassuring voice (Ben Miller) closes off by sharing with the listener a quicker way to getting paid [App Paye].

In this radio creative we hear a fairly matter-of-fact and frank voice of a work colleague introducing us – think of a hardened receptionist of a large office building…

Doon: “The Payroll Department? You need to go up the stairs, take a left, end of the corridor, up the stairs, door on the right, upstairs, double doors, stairs, a quick leap over the red hot lava pit, down the corridor, stairs, wrestle with the live resident Tiger, stairs, dodge some Amazonian death darts and Payroll is second door on the left.”

Then a more calming tone of a V/O starts…

Ben: “There is a better way to your Payroll. App Paye is the simple and fast solution for any Freelance Worker. App Paye calculates things like tax deductions and HMRC compliance. while YOU decide when you want paying. Download it from the App Store or Google Play. APP PAYE – Paid As You Earn.”

Radio advertisement featuring Doon Mackichan and Ben Miller
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